STYX Alpin Derm Whitening


All Alpin Derm products contain extracts of many of the healing plants of the Austrian Alps, e.g. Gentian, Yarrow, Hay Flower and Melilot.

But one plant stands out above the rest … Edelweiss.

Edelweiss has been well known as a healing plant for centuries. The plant developed countless protective mechanisms to be able to survive in the harshest environments. High up in the mountains – it grows between 5000 ft and 12000 ft! – the Queen of the Alps defies the most extreme weather conditions plus a lack of water, very strong UV radiation, free radicals and poor soils… and yet it will always bloom in all its glory.

Roughly 60 of its many valuable constituents have been researched to date, such as flavonoids, tannins and phenylpropane derivatives. They show antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, skin firming and cell renewing properties.

Edelweiss extracts help skin build up stronger protection against damaging environmental influences. The alpine ingredients with effective Phyto complexes and vitamins vitalize and regenerate the skin and therefore permanently counteract signs of premature ageing and loss of elasticity.

In the Alpin Derm Whitening products white mulberry extract enhances the power of the Edelweiss extracts.

The antioxidants, active ingredients and bio-active substances of the whitening products are generally brightening, correct age spots and ensure a fine-pored and even complexion.

Whitening Night Cream.. the intensive over-night regenerative care

Whitening Fluid.. the light during-the-day care and protection with natural SPF